Why Choose Financial Solutions LLC?

There are hundreds of thousands of financial consultants, advisors, brokers and registered investment advisors, that may be qualified to help you with your financial matters. With so many different titles and credentials it can be difficult to select the best advisor for you. And, you likely have questions.

Can this person help with all my financial matters?

How does the advisor get paid?
How do I know whether the advice is sound and objective?
Is the company sound? Will it be around in 10 or 20 years?

An ever-growing segment of the financial service industry is represented by independent representatives. The term "independent" simply means that while adhering to regulatory parameters, these representatives have the freedom to operate their practices as they deem most suitable, rather than as a large corporation may mandate. They have the liberty to select some of the most appropriate investment products or services for you, rather than being subject to restrictive or emphasized selections.

The Financial Solutions LLC Difference:

We take the time to listen to you, understand your needs and your comfort with risk and then develop a custom plan that meets your specific needs. We are independent financial planners and are interested in your financial independence over the long-term. We help you manage your assets to meet your goals and objectives.

Financial Solutions, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor. As such, we can develop a comprehensive written plan with detailed recommendations and provide it to you. We want to develop a relationship with you based on trust and respect.

We specialize in investments and personal financial planning. We also design retirement plans and other employee benefits, bringing more than 25 years of experience as a firm.